Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Samuel Ray Pinson

Here are some photos of the sweetest, tiniest little thing you've ever seen. He is just so precious & amazing all the doctors & nurses with how well he's doing. His nurse tonight said "he doesn't realize what a tiny thing he is, he thinks he's big". He's still breathing on his own, hasn't needed an IV, & is feeding well through his NG tube. He's our little answer to all those prayers! Thank you, Lord!!! We trust the Lord to continue growing him & blessing him with health & strength, for we know God has great plans for Samuel.

"For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother's womb. I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made." Psalm 139:13-14

Monday, June 18, 2007

He's Here!!!!!!!!

Baby Samuel Ray Pinson made his arrival this afternoon at 3:51. He weighed in at 3lbs.14oz. & is 16" long. He's very tiny, but very perfect. He is in the NICU, but is doing very well to be 7 weeks early. He's been breathing on his own and his oxygen level seems to be doing well. He may need to go in the incubator some to help regulate his body temperature. Please continue to pray for the next few days will be important ones for his breathing, eating, swallowing, and growing stronger. Christine is also doing well. Please continue to pray for her complete recovery also. Matt & Jack are excited & relieved, and very much in need of a good nights sleep. Thanks so so much for all of your prayers! Please keep them going! I pray God blesses you each tenfold for the prayers you have offered for us! Love you & hope to have some pictures to share soon!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

The Big Day Is Almost Here!!!

For all of you dear people who have watched & prayed & prayed with us some more these past 4 or 5 months, tomorrow morning Christine will be checking in to the hospital to be induced. It seems so hard to believe that after all the shots to stop contractions that they will actually be giving her something to start some!!! So please join us in praying for her & Baby Sam once again. She is 33 weeks tomorrow, so he will be 7 weeks early. We expect him to be a little over 4lbs. We know he is a strong little fighter, as he reminds his mommy regularly with big strong kicks. We know that your prayers have made a huge difference in getting her to this point. At one point in the hospital we weren't sure if she would be able to get to 28 or 30 weeks. So please pray for things to go well for Christine & Sam, for the doctors & nurses, and all the people God is putting in place for us tomorrow. We are excited to share with you tomorrow when we have really big news to share!

Saturday, June 16, 2007

For The Dads...

In a world where it's often hard to find a good example to follow, I have to tell you I am blessed beyond measure to have many. I am surrounded by such godly men that I would have a difficult time straying very far off of the straight & narrow road. What a blessing to feel protected & guided, what a great gift from God to have these men in my life. I'll have to start with my own Daddy. About to be 85 and still running circles around most of us. I've been blessed not only to have been the recipient of his tender loving care, but also to have always watched him care so much for everyone around him. He was a wonderful son to his parents, making countless trips back to Dublin to care for his father when he had cancer & his mother in all those long years that followed when she missed Pop so much & hated to be alone. He served our country 21 years in the Air Force, and you would be hard pressed to find a more distinguished officer. He taught school for many years after that & I loved knowing he was just down the hall if I needed him. He has served as an elder in the church there for about 40 years. And I do mean serve. He is always doing for others. He sets the example for "if they want you to go with them one mile, go with them two." And he is still busily working at the courthouse where he has many friends & a few admirers, too. He is also a hoot. I mean if you haven't seen his funny side you are missing out. He is hilarious. A great husband, a great daddy, a great grandfather & great great- grandfather. I could go on & on. I am also blessed to have a great father in law. Paw Paw as he is known around here. Some more big shoes to fill. He also sets a great example in service & love for others. I remember them making almost weekly trips to Longview as they cared for their parents there. He too served in the military, the Navy. They are both a part of that great generation of men that helped bring our country through some very dark times. He worked for many years after that, driving his Volkswagen bug to Irving everyday to the Exxon plant. He is a great example of the "just do it" philosophy of life. Humbly carrying out everyday the work God has given him to do. Even though he has been retired many years, he is not one to be idle. He always been there to help with the grand kids, or to help you paint or repair things. He always seems to know how to do anything. He served for many years as an elder, until health problems made it necessary to take a break. But he is still a shepherd & there is no question about that. He also raised a very fine son, who I am blessed to have as the daddy to my own children. He shares the same servant leader traits as our own fathers do. The same work ethic, the same sense of humor, the same love for God & family, the same self-sacrificing spirit that they have modeled for us all of these years. I've been blessed to be his wife for 29 years now. He is the real deal. What you see is what you get. Hard working, I mean if he says he'll do something get out of the way. He will do it 150%. He loves the Lord, his family, friends, etc. He is more tender-hearted than most people realize, but tough enough to be a leader in a company where there are so many depending on his wisdom. I sometimes forget how much pressure he is under at work providing for all of us. We are blessed daily by his self-sacrifice & perseverance. I'm so proud of him. And I have to also say how proud I am when I watch our own son, Matt, be a father. It is the sweetest blessing. He is such a great husband & father. Jack adores his daddy. He lights up when he comes home from work & is just a little shadow of him for the rest of the day. How blessed to watch him be the one who is strong, yet also loving & playful. And in just a few days we get to meet his new little son, Sam. Getting Sam here has been a long road. Christine has suffered so much through this pregnancy that she deserves an Olympic medal! I have never seen anyone go through more with such grace, but that is another blog. Matt has been there right by her side. Spending countless nights at the hospital. Remodeling a house. Spending time with Jack. And did I mention, he does have a full time job. Yes he does a great job working at our church. After all the years growing up where he drew all over the bulletin during church, now I get to pick up a bulletin each week that he has designed. It's really more like a 6-8 page magazine. I get to drive by billboards that he designed, see his posters all over the church, and people running around in T-shirts that have his designs on them. He is so talented, so sorry if I'm bragging but.... OK, I'll stop now. I give all glory & praise to my Heavenly Father, and thank him with all my heart for blessing me with such great earthly fathers. Happy Fathers Day!!!!

Friday, June 8, 2007


I was surprised to see Matt & Christine walk through the door tonight! She is feeling much better, will have home health care coming by, & is back at our house tonight! Thanks for your prayers!

The Roller Coaster Ride Continues

It's been a roller coaster week for Christine. On the upside they got to have a new sonogram, and baby Sam looks great. He's so precious, he had his little fists on each side of his head & looked like he was ready to box his way out! They think he weighs almost 4 lbs., so that is really good news. Maybe he'll be a four pounder because it's only 10 more days until they plan to induce. Now for the downside, her pic line became infected and she got really sick Monday night. She was readmitted to the hospital & is probably going to be there at least a couple of more days, until they are sure the infection is no longer active. They are doing a lot of cultures & watching her closely. She is feeling much better than she was earlier in the week. There's the update, and once again please keep her, Matt, Sam & Jack in your prayers!