Friday, October 17, 2008

What Happened to August & September???

I can't believe that I've gone 3 months without blogging! Well, it's been a busy three months & so I guess that is why!

The most exciting news, and news that makes me hold my breath everyday, is that Christine finally got in to see the specialist in Dallas that we had been hoping & praying to see. He found stones in her bile duct, through a test that only a few doctors seem to do. I don't really know why that is the case! But anyway, he was able to remove them the next day & she is doing better every day. I hold my breath because I really feel like & pray that this is the answer we've waited for for so long! God is doing mighty things in their lives, & we know He is always faithful even when the storm is long. Christine was able to sing "I Will Praise You in the Storm" at church a couple of weeks ago. What a testimony to everyone who has seen her name on the hospital list for the past two years. I was blessed to hear her & Matt share their story, & how God has carried them, with the FWC middle school last week. I have longed to see these blessings come out of their sufferings, and thank God for these sweet experiences. I believe God will use them mightily, because even though things may not make sense to us at the time, He never wastes a single trial that we go through.

After spending so much time as the Granny Nanny, I am reconfiguring how I spend my days. I am definitely not complaining, just readjusting. As much as I looked forward to normal (whatever that is), I find myself missing the little bugars! Jack came over the other day, & we snuggled up to watch cartoons. He said "Giggi, I love you more than the sunshine. Do you love me more than the sunshine?" Be still my heart, more than the sun, moon, & stars! And little Sam -- what could be better than a pacie pulled out of his mouth so he can give you a big juicy kiss? They are precious!!!

Now we are in full swing with our baby girls senior year of high school!!! She turned 18! I still find myself missing the big huge bow on her head! Next week is the official start of basketball season! After I'm not even sure how many years of basketball games, I can't believe this is the last one & I intend to relish every minute. Praying for no injuries this year & just an overall good season! I know next year we will miss it (and her!) so much! Go Lady Cards!

Kyle is looking in to going over seas to teach English. He is interested in Japan & Korea. I really have to trust this one to the Lord. He has to make sure he can stay healthy, as he is still receiving treatments every 8 weeks for his colitis. He is feeling great right now, and assures me there are English speaking hospitals there that are very good. I say so...I won't be able to run up there & make sure they are taking good care of things! But that is borrowing trouble. Maybe he will never have have a sick day there!!! If it works out for him to go I will trust that it is God's will. Like I said -- I have to put this whole thing in God's hands.

One day at a time has been one of my biggest lessons through these trials. One day when I was leaving the hospital during Christine's illness I was whining (yes, sometimes I realized my prayers were whining for sure) to the Lord, & I really felt like He impressed on my heart to "just do today". No, we don't always know how things will turn out, or how long a storm will last, or what will happen tomorrow, but we can just do today. I think that was pretty much stated in the sermon on the mount. "Don't worry about tomorrow, each day has enough trouble of it's own". How sweet that God knows the befores & afters and we are each hemmed in by his grace.

Blessings to you my sweet family & friends!