Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Happy, Happy Birthdays!

What a busy couple of weeks for the Pinson's. I used to be the only birthday in July, but now I'm very blessed to share! Of course baby Sam had his big birthday debut in June, but yesterday which was his Daddy's birthday was his due date. We are so happy to say he is thriving. He loves to eat & is growing like a weed. Still tiny, but right about the size he would've been if he had been born on his actual due date. He's healthy & strong, and need I even say precious. I could sit, rock, & stare at him all day. Jack had his Mickey Mouse birthday party in July! Fun, fun, fun! Lots of family, friends, a Mickey Mouse jump house, hot dogs, cupcakes, & on & on! He was the star of the show, loving every minute of every thing! I don't even need to tell you how crazy I am about this little guy. He is such a great kid. He was super to have around all through the hard times his mommy went through during her pregnancy. Mimi & I passed him back & forth, drug him all around town everyday, and to the hospital where he made best friends with all the nurses, knew where to find the chocolate milk, brought mommy sweet treats & his own personal artwork, & always was happy to bring her lots of hugs & kisses. I really was amazed at how he handled all this time with such a sweet attitude. He's just a great kid, & his parents have done a great job instilling a love for others & a secure nature in him! The very next day after his birthday was his Mommy's birthday. We are so happy that she is feeling better everyday! It was so hard to watch her suffer for such a long time! I've never seen anyone hurt so much! She is without a doubt the toughest girl I know! We are so blessed to get to claim her as one of our own! I truly feel like I gained a daughter when Matt married Christine, but also her sweet family that we love dearly. She is a great wife, mommy, daughter, and finally Whit has a sister! We love her so much! Just a week later & we are celebrating Matt's birthday! Couldn't be prouder of my eldest son! He is a great husband, dad, brother & son. He is an amazing rock during hard times, and you all know how much fun he is when things are going good! He never ceases to amaze me with his love, compassion, strength, and the way he uses the gifts God has given him. Watching them makes growing a little older a lot more fun! Really, I kinda feel like they just caught up with me & now we can all be the same. Happy Birthday to the junior Pinson's! We love ya!!!