Saturday, January 19, 2008

Just Catching Up!

I have been a horrible blogger! I mean Thanksgiving seems like ages ago! I sure had fun looking at everyone elses blogs tonight & catching up on your holidays and pictures (my favorite part). So here I go adding a new post to mine & updates on all that's been keeping us on the move the past couple of months. This was our year to stay in town& had the Pinson Christmas at our house. Santa was very good to all, and we had a great time having a big part of our crew here. We missed those who had to go other places, and missed everyone in S'ville. I really wish we weren't so spread apart! Maybe in Heaven we can all share a street or two. We still have not been able to get out of town, and I still have a few Christmas presents in my living room! But we have been busy watching our Lady Cardinals! They currently have 21 wins and 9 losses. Most of our losses have been in tournament play where we were up against some big schools. In district we are currently 4 wins & 1 loss. Whitney is doing a great job & even got to start in a couple of games this week. She got her nose broken in our first district game, and will have to have surgery to pop it back in to place (ouch!!!) when the season is over. I'm amazed at how she still plays without holding back at all. She is one tough baby girl!
Kyle is back in Abilene, busy with graduate school & work. We loved having him home for a few weeks, and things always seem extra quiet when he leaves.
I've also gotten to have some good grandma time this month. I always have fun when Jack & Sam come to Giggi's house. Jack has his favorite things to do here, like wear this old hat & a pair of his Daddy's old boots. He loves the computer games, video games, & of course videos, & we like to make cookies & other bad snacks. Giggi really needs to leave that last part off of the plan!!! Sam is growing by leaps and bounds! He is at such a fun stage, and seems to have changed and learned something new everytime I see him. It is so fun to watch him interact with Jack, and he really thinks everything his brother does is the funniest thing he's ever seen. Christine is feeling better, and did an amazing job singing at church tonight. It is such a blessing to get to watch her use her talent to praise the Lord. Matt is still loving his job, coaching a little boys basketball team, and busy with his family. We are blessed! God's best to all of you in 2008!