Sunday, February 22, 2009

On The Road Again

Pregame -" Oh Say Can You See" -- it's a little blurry but these are our girls!

Whitney warming up.

Giggi's cooking baking helpers - yummy!

Sam can play ball & bake cookies at the same time. So talented.

Fresh out of the bathtub in their super jammies -
Sam loves to yank Jack's cape off & go running! I don't think
he's going to get it this time!

I've covered a few miles since my last post. I finally made it down to Smithville to spend a few days with my mom & dad, and am so thankful that they are doing much better! It was great to see them and all the family down there. I made it back just in time to see Whitney and the Lady Cards win their 2nd playoff game against Trinity Cedar Hill. After a quiet weekend, Matt woke me up around 4 am Monday as he was on his way to take Christine to the ER and was dropping the boys by. She ended up spending the week in the hospital, but got to go home Saturday night. Please keep her in your prayers! I had my sweet little grandsons for the week, and we had a lot of fun. Busy, busy, busy! Their Aunt Emily picked them up for the weekend, and Ray & I headed to San Antonio for the regional playoff game. The Lady Cards beat Brentwood Christian School, and next will play in the state tournament this next weekend. They will play Liberty again (our third match up this year!) on Friday night, and the winner of that game will play in the State Championship game Saturday. Go Lady Cardinals! I'm so proud of our girls, how hard they've worked, how far they've come this season, and the great team spirit and attitude they've shown this year. No one has tried to be the stand out & they have worked together like a team is supposed to, and that's made all the difference. It's been fun, and this weekend it will all wrap up. I'm proud they have made it to the final four no matter what happens next. Go Cards!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Pressing On...

Senior night ~
Mom, take the flower.
Super stressful game!

Jack knows whats fun about a ballgame.

Sam just wants the basketball!

The last week has been quite a roller coaster ride! As you can see, we've spent a lot of time watching Whitney and the Lady Cards play some basketball. Since one of our games last week was postponed because of icy roads, we ended up playing Friday night, Saturday afternoon, Monday night, Tuesday night, & will play our last district game tomorrow night! Whew! We lost to Lubbock by one point! But then we turned around and beat Liberty (who was undefeated in district) by one point. Honestly, I didn't know we had won until I managed to pry one eye open and see our girls jumping up a down! Next, we beat Southwest Christian by four points! We have to play Liberty again tomorrow night. If we win, there will by a three way tie for first place, and if we lose I think we will either be 2nd or 3rd. Either way, that means we will move on to playoffs. It's been way too exciting for me!
While I watch all this excitement unfold, my heart is in Smithville where my mom has been in and out of the hospital a couple of times recently with complications related to her congestive heart failure. I am planning to get down there soon & love on her a little bit. If you're reading this, please say a little prayer for her! I am so thankful for my sister, Lynn who lives nearby & takes such good care of things & assures me I'm where I need to be right now. And for my other sister, Jody who gets a sub for her kindergartner's and heads that way to help out. But still, I just can't wait to get there myself! I could not be more thankful for my family! I am blessed beyond measure from one generation to the next!
To add to the excitement I've been having a few dental problems. The dentist thinks I may be getting TMJ. "Have you been clinching your teeth a lot?" Well, as a matter of fact... maybe just a little! I hope our next exciting adventure is a vacation!