Saturday, January 24, 2009

Time is Flying!

It's hard to believe that Whitney's senior year is already over half over! I'm happy to say that I have officially begun her senior scrapbook, have finished 5 or 6 pages, and sorted through a ton of pictures! What a trip down memory lane! We've all changed a bit in her 18 years! Too bad I don't have a scanner, or I would share a few of those with you! I have a few more months to get it all together, and may have to plan a scrapbook trip with some of the other senior moms. I think that would be a fun way to get it done! After basketball season is over!

The Lady Cardinals are currently 6 wins, 1 loss in district play. This next week we'll have 3 home games, and two of them are really hard! Little stress! Say a little prayer that they'll do their best and not get hurt! I'm telling you this game gets rough! After that we'll have just a couple of away games and the regular season will be over. We'll see what happens next! They have worked so hard! It is so hard to believe that after all these years at the Cardinal gym, this will be our last week to have a child playing in it! Hope it ends on a high note! I'll keep all of my 3 readers posted!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


My dear friend Mindy tagged me, so here it goes:

4 things I did yesterday - Lots of laundry (almost got to the bottom of it!), worked on getting my house back to its non-holiday look (why can't I remember where things were before?), cleaned my utility room good (can you tell I have an exciting life?), Jack & Sam came over for a little while (the best way way to liven things up!).

4 things on my wish list - to do better this year with those big priorities (time with God, family, better care of ourselves, yeah, yeah....but really, I mean it!), to see my kids & grand kids grow in the Lord, and to be happy, healthy, safe, and watch their hopes & dreams come true (is that too much to expect?), scrapbook lovers to come to my aid (yes, I have a senior & a May deadline!), to enjoy this last Pinson child playing Cardinal's basketball & quit wringing my hands over it (why is this so stressful?).

4 favorite restaurants - El Rancho Grande, La Hacienda Ranch, Reposados, & I still love good old El Chico's. Could this have anything to do with my cholesterol? At least guacamole has some good cholesterol to add to the mix! These are 4 reasons those resolutions are so hard to keep! These and chocolate. I feel sabatoged.

4 favorite TV shows - I am an HGTV addict so I will count that as one huge show that could easily wreck your whole day, there's nothing better in the morning than the Today show & a big cup of coffee or two, The Office is always good for a laugh, and I'm ashamed to admit how many times a day I watch the news. Why? I can't explain it. I'm boring but I can't think of any more shows I'm that sure to watch.

4 people I tag - Heather, Ashley A., Ashley B., Allison. You go girls!