Friday, May 15, 2009

Almost Summer!

Senior Sunday

Richland Prom
Why are these so little???

Will the water ever get warm enough???

Sweet Sam, running the bubble mower over the concrete!

Such a helper!

Can't believe there are only a few more days of school! We've had a busy, busy spring! Whitney will graduate on the 29th! May is a busy time for seniors! Proms, parties, banquets, awards assemblies, bacculareate, graduation, project graduation.... Fun, but busy! Not to mention her senior scrapbook presentation & ring turning ceremony in less than a week! I'm learning to be a pretty fast scrapbooker!

Kyle completed his master's degree & is currently on the job hunt! We are so proud of him. He could teach us all a lesson in perseverence! God has great plans for him!

Matt & Christine & the boys got to go on a wonderful vacation with some of their best friends to Destin, Florida. They had a great time. So thankful Tine has been feeling better & so thankful for such sweet friends to share their vacation with! We love the Critz family! 

Mom is doing great after having open heart surgery on April 7, her 85th birthday! They were able to successfully repair a valve. It hasn't been an easy recovery, but she is amazing me with her progress! Thanks to all who sent up a prayer for her! We are thankful! She's quite a lady & I'm proud & thankful she's my mom! Dad's been a pretty good trooper too!


Lynn said...

Sissy...hope you are feeling better. You are too busy with really important things. Tell Kyle he better come see me before he runs off to discover a new world. I need a Whitney fix too.

jody said...

Sounds even busier when you write it! We need bigger pictures of prom, etc. My eyes are too "old" to see those! ha! Give the kids a hug for us; we miss all of you.