Monday, December 20, 2010

Time to do the Baking!!!

I think Whitney and I pretty much finished our Christmas shopping today! Yay!!! I'm sure we'll think of a few more things we need to run to Target for, but it sure is a good feeling to kind of be finished! Now it's time to get busy in the kitchen!

First I'm going to make sausage/cheese balls. It's one of the things Mom always made. They're really yummy, and the recipe makes a ton so I don't have to worry that we'll eat them up before we head out of town for the big day! Next I'll do some cream cheese cookies. Have you ever had anything with cream cheese in it that was not delicious? Lynn gave me this recipe years ago, and last year I discovered the dough was a pretty good consistency to go in the cookie press. So now I add a few drops of green food coloring and start shooting Christmas trees onto the cookie sheet! Makes a lot and they're really good with a cup of coffee! Then we'll make a batch of chex mix! Ray likes to use his mom's recipe and most years he makes it! His annual cooking event. Ha! It doesn't hurt that it's his favorite snack either! I usually save the sugar cookies for last because they are the ones we have the most trouble not eating up as quick as we can! Whitney has turned into a gourmet chef. She amazes me in the kitchen, and loves to cook. She has some really cute cake pops picked out to make! Here we go! Recipes to come!

Next month we'll work on diet plans!

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Heather said...

OH YEAH!! I am ready for a sugar cookie...or two...or three! I am looking forward to seeing you all! Have fun in the kitchen. Wish I was there helping you!

Love you